So many goodbyes…


I miss the world right now

Not “the world”

But rather everyone who used to be a part of mine

I’ve had to say so many goodbyes in this lifetime

It seems the farewells just keep coming

And then I’m left heartbroken by the absence of a life that was once entwined with mine

It’s gut wrenchingly hard and yet I continue on

But the suffering is real…

It’s like a searing knife that has plunged deep within my soul

And the pain is unrelenting in its tormenting efforts

Goodbyes are so difficult

But soon, once again

I know there will come another lovely greeting

I just wish there were more hellos than goodbyes


© 2017 Michelle Cook


16 thoughts on “So many goodbyes…

  1. I think if there were more hellos, maybe they wouldn’t be quite so sweet. I spent my childhood moving, so many schools, never long enough in one place to make lasting friendships. This pattern followed me into my adult life, and yet now I am blessed with a few (by the world’s standards) beautiful friends; but who to me, are so rich and many. Sending cyber hugs dear new friend and may your tears soon be dried x

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  2. Oh, I feel your pain on this one! I am not from a military family, but I did spend the better part of my life moving every two years or so. I learned not to get too attached to people, because it hurt too much when it came time to say goodbe. I even detached from family in order to not let it hurt so much when they left me. Sending hugs your way. ❤

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