Fragrances of time


The air is of a reminiscing quality tonight

Fragrances of times long since passed

Now weave their way through the tired empty streets

Plump lush trees line the vacant sidewalks

And shadows dance as memories become vividly clear

The musty smell of time is a quiet reminder of simpler days

Which is quite comforting in its old familiar presence

A great horned owl watches from its safe vantage point

Distinguished and prominently perched atop the trusty bell tower

She’s the only moving feature as her keen emerald eyes turn to rest on mine

Sending a look of wide eyed intensity through her glossy lenses

I’m delighted to see the place where wisdom was created and awareness preserved

Then in a sudden flash of grace and beauty the grandeur is gone

A tattered newspaper becomes the only stray piece of life left

As the wind reaches up from underneath

Carrying the atrocities of the world to another lonely place

And as I gaze upon this scene

So void of the daily hustle and bustle

A tender wave of serenity engulfs my worn out spirit

And I’m suddenly carried away too


© 2017 Michelle Cook


15 thoughts on “Fragrances of time

    1. Thank you Yassy… means so much coming from you. Been reading through some of your poems today and they have spoken to me in so many ways. You’re such a talented writer. I could quite possibly get lost in your words for the remainder of the day. 😉

      Liked by 1 person

        1. Thank you so much… I’m glad you’re feeling happy and I can see how much you love poetry. Writing is what I’m most passionate about. Thanks for following me here. My old blog feels quite naked now that I’ve removed all of my old poems. But I’m hoping to publish them soon and wanted to start a separate blog here for my new poems. Have an amazing day! ❤️


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