A failed friendship

To cause a man to stumble
Was not my intention at all
Yet now that I look back
I see how I may have caused the arduous fall

And what a weary thought
To know I may have caused such pain
And those memories keep flooding back
Every single time it begins to rain

Deep down I believe I sensed
The trouble I was very much causing
And it was so very hard to say goodbye
To a friendship that needed pausing

But life isn’t always rainbows
And not enough hearts are filled with love
So I left him in the arms
Of the one who watches over us from above

© 2017 Michelle Cook


9 thoughts on “A failed friendship

  1. Oh this is wonderful Michelle, brought tears to my eyes, nearly a replica of what happened to me last year, as my girlfriend sad to me, “sorry and goodbye my friend, your a good man Ivor”

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    1. Aww… well, I’m sorry it made you cry, but if you’re like me, almost anything slightly sensitive has the ability to cause a flood. Lol… I find that tears cleanse the soul in a way that nothing else can. This made me cry as well while writing it. Of course a lot of what I write does that. Lol… Heart spilling is a good term for it. 😉

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      1. Yes, I tend to be easily triggered (increasingly, a gift I am coming to love)–however, one wouldn’t have to be highly sensitive to appreciate the poignancy of your poem…you have a gift for communication and connecting…of tapping into the heart 🙂

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