Magical Mishaps

The potion she drank
Fizzled and popped
With oodles of bubbles erupting
Filling up the tiny shop

The green effervescent mess
Smelled of sour apple candy
And each iridescent blob
Was extremely sticky like taffy

The shimmery globules
Suddenly began to pop
And she hoped that the magic
Would eventually stop

But thick pools of goo
Splattered and spread
Filling her frenzied mind
With terrible dread

She’d forgotten the exact spell
She would need to cast
To remove the green gloppy mess
And make it go away fast

So the sludge rose higher
Actually covering the walls
And slippery as it was
She was afraid she’d fall

Then suddenly the words
Came to her frazzled mind
And in a sudden flick and flash
The mess was left behind

And she promised herself
She’d never play with magic again
Well maybe just once…
Hmmm… now where to begin

© 2017 Michelle Cook


24 thoughts on “Magical Mishaps

    1. Thanks Michael… It’s funny because I had the same thought after I was done writing it. Although, I’m not quite sure I could do the story justice. Do you write short stories?


        1. I’m only in about 3 years myself and I’m still trying all sorts. I haven’t had the patience for writing anything very long these days. I guess I’m getting lazy. 😉


      1. Never a dull moment over my way. But I am a softie. I’ve just accepted to have a dog from the Seychelles Islands, a Lowchen puppy, Daisy. She needed a home, so what better place than Ivor’s, Geelong, Australia. She’s in the air now flying her way here, she’ll be great company for Lily, I suppose they’ll be my flower Girls !!

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Have you really? A puppy named Daisy? My most favorite dog I ever had was named Daisy. She was a 7 lb Maltese with the sweetest disposition. Poor little girl died of stomach cancer. 😢 I’ve got two English mastiffs now… each weigh 150 lbs. They think they’re lap dogs! Lol…. Have fun with her Ivor… you’ll have to post pictures of her soon. 😉


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