You’re everything to me…

You’ve loved me more
Than a thousand oceans ever could

You’ve stood by my side
Through the fiercest of storms

You’ve stayed with me
Even as the waves pummeled your chest

You’ve shown me how much you care
With every soothing word you’ve whispered

You’ve been the anchor of my soul
And the healer of my heart

You’ve been the world to me
Even during my darkest days

You’ve shown me just how easily
Love can stand the test of time

You’ve been my firm foundation
And the rock on which I stand

You’re everything to me
Because He is everything to you

It’s that kind of love which sets you apart
And makes me love you even more


© 2017 Michelle Cook


19 thoughts on “You’re everything to me…

    1. Thank you so much Liana. My husband was not a believer for many years and now that he is, it has made a big difference in our relationship. There are things we could not have gotten through any other way. Hope you are having an amazing week! 😉


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