I only want you…

It’s been a whole year
Since I tried to say goodbye
I remember how brokenhearted you were
And how I made you cry

You made a heartfelt attempt
To become the man I needed
You did everything you could
Yet still I resisted as you pleaded

It’s been a whole year
Since I tried to say goodbye
My heart was completely broken
And I no longer wanted to try

We faced a torrential storm
One I imagined we’d never get through
And during that difficult time
I pulled further away from you

It’s been a whole year
Since I tried to say goodbye
I had come to the realization
That I couldn’t forgive your lie

I tried in earnest
But my mind couldn’t be erased
And every time I thought of us
I was left with a bitter taste

It’s been a whole year
Since I tried to say goodbye
I wanted to let go
Even wished that I would die

But somehow love remained
Through those tormenting days
I began to see a different you
In your blue-eyed gaze

And now here we are
A thousand miles from each other
And I finally know for certain
That I’ll never love another

For you have convinced me
Of your perfect love so true
And despite our painful past
I only want you

© 2017 Michelle Cook

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26 thoughts on “I only want you…

    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed this one. Isn’t it amazing when somebody else’s words can touch our hearts in a profound way. I always love finding a gem of a poem like that, and there’s quite a few of those over at your place. 😉 Thanks for reading, Grant. Have a great week! 💛

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    1. Lol… What’s funny, is how I looked it up myself after your comment and found that the two have the same result. Which is something I never actually knew! I’m a perfectionist and so it really messes with my mind when I find out I’ve been making such common mistakes. I’ve only met a few people in my lifetime that have ever been brave enough to correct me. Lol… 😁


  1. I enjoyed the courage of your sustained passion through this longish poem. Your LOVE was a constant presence throughout, even through the various stages of love’s dynamics you shared with the reader on your way to the realization that your need for him outweighed your negative moments together.

    Though it doesn’t take away a whit from the overall impact of your poem, allow one teensy observation: In the line, “Its been a whole year,” the first word is a contraction of it + is, and needs to be written “It’s.” If it weren’t a recurring line, used, I believe, four times throughout, I wouldn’t have mentioned it at all. But you are an artist with your choice and use of words, so I thought it would be appreciated.


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    1. Oh gosh Jay, I’ve been using that contraction wrong for ages now. Thank you for pointing that out. I scrapped by with B’s in English and still have a long way to go. It’s funny how many times I’ve made that mistake and nobody has ever pointed it out. Also, thanks for following my blog. I really appreciate your critique and look forward to reading more from you. ~M


      1. It’s a common mistake, M. I’ve seen a lot of seasoned, published writers make it. I don’t think I would even have mentioned it, but I intuited that you would want to know. Thank you, by the way, for following my blog, as well.

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  2. I truly loved your poem. It’s both heart-wrenching and heart-warming, and obviously written from the heart, and I even detected some adrenaline heartbeats in your writings… May your hearts forever beat together.

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