A glimpse of perfection

Dew drops delicately kiss
Each exquisite blade of grass
In the misty morning glen
Where gathered toadstools amass

The sultry breeze
Lilts lightly against velvety reeds
Each dancing to the hum drum tune
Of the foraging buzzing bees

The light begins to break
Over babbling brooks and bubbling streams
Alighting the serene meadows
With its luminescent beams

Each gilded leaf huddles closely
In shivering response
As the brisk morning air
Hasn’t yet warmed their craggy stalks

Flowers yawn and murmur
Each shaking off their morning dew
Spreading their alluring colors
For the whole world to happily view

This rich fragrant tapestry
Stretches its artistry toward the heavens
And the beauty of its brilliance
Stirs each heart as it beckons

Natures perfect glory
Often seems indescribable and profound
And in this picturesque scene
A breath of renewal can be found

© 2017 Michelle Cook

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9 thoughts on “A glimpse of perfection

    1. Thank you… This is why I love writing prompts. They challenge each person to get out of their comfort zone and write something different. Its been so much fun reading what everyone has written. 🙂

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