The crack in the corner


There was a crack

Upon the wall

It started out

Very small

And as time went by

The crack it grew

At last becoming

Not one

But two

The years flew by

And the cracks

They multiplied

Some were thin

And some were wide

I could only wonder

What was causing

Those cracks

And often tried to fix them

With ceiling wax

The more I fixed

The worse they got

And soon a sag in the ceiling

I started to spot

Suddenly one day

The ceiling

It trembled

An earthquake for sure

It did resemble

Bursting forth

To my surprise

An elephant dropped through

With widened eyes

He looked at me

And I looked at him

And all either of us could do

Was laugh and grin

Finally I knew

What was causing those cracks

And with a great sigh

We both collapsed

And since that day

We’ve been great friends

And that is how

This story ends


© 2017 Michelle Cook

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