I lent my heart…

I lent my heart to a stranger
And they took it apart bit by bit
And before I even knew it
I had completely lost my grip

My heart was left misshapen
And I fell upon my knees
Broken from their mistreatment
Praying to God to hear my pleas

Piecing everything back together
Has been harder than I thought
Regret for lending my heart
Is what I’ve finally been taught

© 2017 Michelle Cook


4 thoughts on “I lent my heart…

    1. I don’t know Ivor. Never again… The good thing is, at least I’m not repeating the same error in judgment and we only seem to truly learn by doing. So if I ever have the inclination to lend my heart again, I’ll know better next time! I’m sticking to me, myself, and I from now on. My heart just can’t handle any more.

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