Willy Nilly


Willy Nilly was a careless man

One who swore he’d never have a plan

So off he went on his merry way

Doing whatever he wanted each day

People tried to give him wise advice

But he was a fool and thought he’d suffice

And now poor Willy lives in a box

Not even enough money for a pair of socks

Stubborn as can be he remains alone

Sitting day after day on his cardboard throne

Yet he actual seems content and perhaps he really is

Free from the world and all their biz

Perhaps Willy has discovered what others can’t see

Maybe he’s found the real secret to being happy and free


© 2017 Michelle Cook

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21 thoughts on “Willy Nilly

  1. Your Willy Nilly, made me think of a local phenomena. Over here we have what are called a “Willy-willy, they’re a little whirly windy vortex, and they come and they go, quite carefree and harmless, natures way of saying hello and goodbye.

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