Paper Stars

paper stars

Poignant words

Arranged with care

Penned memories

Eagerly bestowed

Remembrances captured

Sitting in jars

Treasured wishes

Abundant blessings

Revealing kindness

Sealed with love


My sixteen year old daughter Brianna, gave me the jar on the left, and filled it with paper stars that she carefully folded.  Each star has a special message written inside.  These lovingly handmade little stars are among my most prized possessions.  Lately, whenever I hit a milestone with my writing,  she gives me another to commemorate the day.  I am so very blessed to have such a kindhearted soul for a daughter.  She is a living treasure and an amazing blessing from above.  Love you, Brie Brie…❤️ xoxo


© 2017 Michelle Cook

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22 thoughts on “Paper Stars

    1. Thank you Dorinda… I have not read any of them and here’s what she just told me… If she tragically dies before me, she wants me to open one a month, so that I always have a loving remembrance of her to keep me going. 😉

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