An unforgettable pack

The atmosphere
Kittenish and cozy
As words
Dangled loosely
Between half sips
Of bourbon
And scotch
The room overfilled
With simmering cigars
As exchanges commenced
In overzealous forays
There must have been
At least a dozen
Easy on the eye
Sparkling individuals
All nonchalantly
Carrying with them
An epicurean sense
A close clan
Envied by all
Their status obtained
By a meager few
Their dwelling place
A spot in the sun
More than just
A lavish life
The summit was theirs

© 2017 Michelle Cook

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23 thoughts on “An unforgettable pack

        1. Yeah, I’ve used the Rat Pack prompt before, so I wasn’t too eager to try it again. But thanks, at least I came up with something a bit different this time around. 😉


  1. A beautifully infectious poem, and so reminds me of Dads family gatherings, there were 10 Stevo’s, six uncles and three aunties, and I was the keen observer of their candid banter, drinking and smoking, and with youthful pleasure I was always totally transfixed, absolutely wonderful memories…..

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