It was the seventh of June…

It was the seventh of June
As she was walking by
And the way she moved
Had captured his eye

His soft feathery kiss
Floated by on the breeze
This unexpected peck
Made her weak in the knees

The brush of his lips
Against her skin so fair
Made her giggle and blush
As the wind tousled her hair

His sweet playful banter
Had initiated a connection
And her rosy red cheeks
Radiated love and affection

And time stood perfectly still
On that fateful afternoon
As two hearts collided
On that seventh of June


© 2017 Michelle Cook

For a month full of writing prompts click here! – A Feathery Kiss


26 thoughts on “It was the seventh of June…

    1. I’m still so far behind…. With my new schedule, I’ve been lucky to even find time to write. All we can do is keep trying…. I hope you’re feeling ok. You’re always in my prayers. ❤️

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        1. Lol… I’ve been climbing into bed around 9:30 these days. Been just exhausted without Brian here. I can’t seem to catch up on anything and I think I may be taking another break from blogging again real soon. Perhaps one week a month off might do me some good. I’m sorry you’re having this battle with your health. I’ve been through a few myself this year, but fortunately they were easy fixes. A wrong medication caused me to become so sick that I actually lost 22 lbs. I’ll keep praying and message me if there’s anything specific that you would like me to pray for. Love you my friend… ❤️ xo

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          1. I can just imagine! Will you be moving closer to where he is now? I knew you had some issues but didn’t realize one was because of meds! Yikes. Heck of a diet, M! Just knowing you have me in your prayers is wonderful, as you are always in mine, dear friend ❤

            Liked by 1 person

            1. Yes I do! 😉 And guess what? He’s here with me for the week! A surprise visit! So I’m taking this week off from my normal writing. I don’t have much time to spend with him before he heads over to the big sandy playground. So please forgive me if I’m not around much. 🙂

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