My Girl

auti and me edited
On a wisp of a breeze
She dances and twirls
This tiny ballerina
Full of mischief and whirls

Her gaze can melt
Even the hardest of hearts
And her smile enraptures
Fueling love from the start

She sprinkles her magic
Wherever she goes
Covering each person
From their head to their toes

She’s a blessed angel
Sparkling with fun
One look from her
And the amusements begun

She’ll lift you up
When you’re terribly down
Turning your saddened face
Upside down

She’s gentle and kind
With a sweet disposition
And will steal your heart
Without your permission

She’s one of a kind amazing
A cherished gift from above
Bestowed upon this world
To bring laughter and love

© 2017 Michelle Cook

Dedicated to my daughter Autumn for her 9th birthday.  Love you so much my sweet beautiful girl!  💖 xoxo


32 thoughts on “My Girl

      1. Of course. Pretty well…still fighting with school about a bill, re-analyzing my book. Feeling like it’s not as good as I previously thought. I’ve been trying to get publishers to reply back with what they thought was missing, but that’s been a no-go for now.

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        1. Well, I thought it was amazingly good and I wouldn’t change anything. It’s all about finding the right publisher. I’ve heard some people say that they submitted their work to hundreds of places before getting even one bite. So it takes time… don’t give up and don’t doubt its worth. 😉

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  1. My English has never been good, but can I say, a “gorgeously beautifully crafted poem”, And she reminds me of my niece Jasmine, who has a heart of gold…. and off I go again a tear in my eye……

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      1. She’s a special young lady, a Degree in Remedial Art, and helps teach and rehabilitate disabled and injured kids, through the aid of creativity and art, and she bubbles with enthusiasm, for the kids……

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