Tragedy spelled misery

Tragedy spelled misery
As he gathered her in his arms
And he never would have predicted
His love would soon be harmed

It was just another ordinary day
No different than all the rest
And people scurried by
Briskly walking and warmly dressed

Snow had begun to fall
On that chilly December day
And with a final parting kiss
They each went on their merry way

Traffic was consistently steady
As monotony settled in
The same old boring work week
Was just about to begin

The day dragged steadily by
Nothing notable to report
As he sat at his lonely desk
Feeling a tad bit out of sorts

Sudden ringing broke his trance
As he answered the ruthless phone
Praying another unhappy customer
Wouldn’t decide to bitch and moan

Yet nothing could have prepared him
For what was actually said
And his face turned ghostly pale
His heart suddenly filled with dread

The news so unexpected
He could hardly believe her fate
As he recalled their lovely morning
And their kiss by the front yard gate

So many fond memories
Began to flood his weary mind
And in those remembrances
Deep yearning he did find

Needing to desperately escape
The sorrows which were quickly compiling
He hurriedly sped away
Amidst a world so uninviting

Nothing seemed clear
His life now consumed with grief
He knew he had to go to her
She was his only hope for relief

He drove as fast as he could
And upon arriving there she lay
The one true love of his life
Critically wounded and on display

He sank to his knees
Praying to God to make things right
Knowing that without her
He’d never sleep another night

She was his past and present
His future dreams in store
And an unexpected wave of anguish
Hit him like never before

Suddenly someone leaned over
Breaking all logical rules
And with a sinister laugh
He heard her whisper

“April fools…”


© 2017 Michelle Cook

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37 thoughts on “Tragedy spelled misery

  1. Sick! You have in this writing a created emotion, deep emotion, possibly by those who have lived though this very event. You have blindsided your readers and may have eliminated many followers.


            1. You deserved it! 😉 (Although I hadn’t planned to stay away that long) I was tucking my girls in bed and reading to them. Lol… I’m glad you enjoyed it. 😉

              Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much! I’ve been reading through your blog and I have to say I really love your posts. They are different from anyone else here on WordPress and I especially love the way you usually sum up what you’ve written in the comment section.


    1. Thank you Walt 😉 I suppose I was in sort of a devilish mood today. Lol…. I really couldn’t decide what to do with the ending, so an unpredictable outcome seemed most appropriate. Oh, I do love a good twist! And thanks so much for reblogging. You’re always so sweet to me. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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