Sprinkled with love


The aroma of mama’s cookies
Filled the crisp autumn air
Baked goods were piled high
Each sweet made with care

Another batch of brownies
Lovingly set on the kitchen table
Mama spent all day long
Doing all that she was able

There were chocolate candies
And glazed pastries galore
And we all waited patiently
To see what else was in store

I remember her hands
How tirelessly they toiled
And even just a whiff of her baking
Left us all feeling spoiled

Splotches of flour
Dusted her rosy cheeks
As she listened to all of our
Merciless childlike squeaks

For we were always begging
Mama can we please
Lick the bowls and beaters
Of which she would appease

Oh those were the days
Sprinkled with so much love and care
From a wonderfully sweet mama
Who made sure she was always there

© 2017 Michelle Cook

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10 thoughts on “Sprinkled with love

    1. Thanks babe… I could only hope to be remembered this way, and as you already know, this memory was inspired by my great grandma with her twelve children.


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