Fountain of Fizz

Gurgling glops
Of fantastical fizz
Oozed through the machine
As it whirred and whizzed

It was a splendid sight
For all to behold
As the gurgling mess
Changed from burnt orange to gold

The contraption sputtered
Hissed and smoked
While many gathered
All trying not to choke

The invention thrilled
A hundred curious eyes
And as each gear turned
All were hypnotized

The air smelled of rainbows
And tickled their senses
Enraptured as they were
All were left quite defenseless

An outpouring of magic
Began to gush right through
As inquisitive eyes
Widened and grew

Clattery bells and whistles
All started to blow
And from where the racket came
Nobody seemed to know

People began to scurry
Expecting the worse
Assuming the gadget
Was likely to burst

The apparatus clamored on
Continuing to buzz
As a thingamabob such as this
Most often does

The gizmo seemed
To have a mind of its own
As it prattled onward
With a burble and a moan

The moment finally came
And the widget spewed
A fountain of sticky euphoria
Bubbled and blew

It was a ghastly sight
And covered the land
All the way from there
To the tip of Japan

And to this very day
Remnants still exist
It’s why we now have
The common gold-fish

© 2017 Michelle Cook

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12 thoughts on “Fountain of Fizz

    1. Thanks Ivor… I had very little time to knock this one out this morning and I had no idea how I would ever end it. But with just a few minutes to spare, I finally finished. I think I could have mulled over this one all day and still not been completely satisfied with it. Lol… Oh well! 🤓

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