A pinch of happiness


A pinch of happiness
Was all he was willing to give
For he didn’t really know
How to properly live

He kept most pleasantries
Hidden deep within himself
And those he let slip out
Ended up on a forgotten shelf

He cared not a lick
For the satisfaction of another
And was never one
To show love like a brother

And even that pinch of happiness
Which he nonchalantly gave
Seemed more like an insult
By the way he behaved

He often wondered why
Nobody ever offered him a hand
They merely scoffed and walked away
Which he could never understand

He’d given at least a pinch
And thought it was quite enough
Yet everyone seemed so rude
Making life so very tough

This poor fellow remained
Quite confused for the rest of his life
He just couldn’t ever comprehend
The reason behind all of his strife

So let this be a lesson
For any who keep happiness locked away
Life won’t be very pleasant
Unless you decide to give some of it away

© 2017 Michelle Cook

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