The silvery substance


The silvery substance
Oozed under the door
Filling the gaps
In the creaky wood floor

And the old tired couple
Slept contentedly in their beds
Completely unaware
Of the mercurial dread

The seeping liquid
Began to boil and spurt
Singeing the furniture
Burning holes in the bed skirt

The tired old lady
Awoke from the smell
And from where it came
She couldn’t really tell

She began to leave
Her nice warm bed
Unaware of the danger
She was about to tread

The viscous fluid
Bubbled and rose
Grazing the very
Tips of her toes

She shrieked with alarm
Awakening the old man
Who bolted from bed
Like he was superman

Unfortunately for him
He wasn’t “super” just old
And it only took a second
For the chaos to unfold

He jumped like a bean
Off that volatile floor
Back onto the bed
Whimpering and sore

His poor old wife
Then resentfully said
I told you that alien
Wasn’t actually dead!

© 2017 Michelle Cook

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32 thoughts on “The silvery substance

        1. Lol… well, thank you for enlightening me. I suppose I will have to check it out sometime. Although if I had my way, the television never would have been invented. Are there books too? Or is it just shows?

          Liked by 1 person

        1. She really is, and we do a daily writing prompt together every morning. I do this with both of my girls. We write for exactly 10 minutes and then read what we’ve written to each other. It really is a lot of fun and gets our creativity going.


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