Pink persuasion


No other color
Would ever quite do
It always had to be something
Of a pinkish hue

There were pale pink tutus
And blushing roses for her hair
And as cute as she was
People would often stop and stare

She’d dance all around
With her flush colored cheeks
Nothing about her
Was ever boring or bleak

She had a sunshiny personality
And wore a sunset glow
And my life was ever blessed
As I watched her grow

Over the years
She’s charmed quite a few
And without her pink persuasion
I don’t know what any of us would ever do

When she graces us with her presence
She’s always cheery and oh so kind
My sweet daughter and treasured friend
The loveliest person anyone could ever find

© 2017 Michelle Cook


*This poem is dedicated to my daughter Amy.  The above photo is of her and her husband Stephen.  See how she’s persuading him!  Lol… They just got married last year and even her dress had to be pink!  From the time she was little, it has always been the same with her.  She wore her little pink tutu everywhere she went and has always had such a cheerful disposition, that people couldn’t help but adore her.  The memories of her and her growing up days, are flooding my heart today.  She lives over a thousand miles away now and I miss her so much.  Every time I see the color pink, I am reminded of her.  😉

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38 thoughts on “Pink persuasion

    1. Aww. thank you… she lives in Florida and I keep telling her that she should apply at Disneyland to be one of the princesses. Lol… She tells me she’s too short for the job! 😉


        1. Thank you… 😉 And yes, they weathered the storm just fine. Their yard was a mess of branches and twigs, but other than that, they had no damage. 😀


    1. Yeah, I love the way he’s looking at her. They’re both so cute together. The day of their wedding, he started crying as she walked down the isle. That’s what made me cry! 😉

      Liked by 1 person

        1. This is what he Stephen wrote on Facebook a few weeks before they got married… I copied it down because I thought it was the sweetest thing ever! Her said, “She means everything to me. I absolutely adore her. Only a few more weeks and I get to keep her with me for good. I’m going to spend a lifetime with her.” 💕


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