The Journey Beyond


The journey beyond
Was fraught with danger
Amidst majestic mountains
With their breathtaking glaciers

Only the bravest few
Dared make their way
To the secret door
Hidden far away

Stepping through
Always gave each a fright
For they were not prepared
For this otherworldly sight

Storybooks lay scattered
Strewn across the land
And pixies and sprites
Skipped hand in hand

The nature of this place
Could not be explained
It had to be seen
And then ascertained

Giants slept contentedly
In their deep mossy beds
As blazing fire beetles
Flickered around their heads

The environment was astounding
And almost nothing made sense
Leaving each onlooker
Frightened and tense

Yet by and by
The magic would claim each soul
Lassoing their hearts
Each losing self-control

And no one ever returned
From the land beyond
As everyone who went there
Became way too fond

There was no going back
From that heavenly place
And to do so would have been
A complete disgrace

For who would ever want to leave
A place of whimsy and fun
Each became part of the pages
Before the day was even done

Seems the journey beyond
May be what we all need
Perhaps just trust in yourself
And don’t be afraid to succeed

© 2017 Michelle Cook

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