Goblins and ghouls


Goblins and ghouls
Monsters and witches
Scheming up plans
To scare off our britches

So many out there
Lurking under our beds
Oh these are the things
Which we all kind of dread

Hiding in dark closets
They’ll give us a fright
And until the dawn comes
Nothing ever seems right

The faint smell of death
Isn’t very inviting
Yet while we dream
They’ll make it sound enticing

These monsters love wreaking havoc
By messing with our minds
And they might even eat your brains
If they’re the zombie kind

I really don’t think scary
Is exactly the right word
And the thought of lurking goblins
Does seem a bit absurd

But as Halloween approaches
They’ll try to scare off your bits
I can tell they’d love nothing more
Than to send us all running for the pits

So keep a watchful eye out
And pray your nightmares don’t come true
Watch out for all those scary monsters
And all those ghosts and goblins too!


© 2017 Michelle Cook

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13 thoughts on “Goblins and ghouls

  1. I loved this! Saturday’s are a feature day for fellow writers/artists over at my blog ‘Between the Lines’. This month’s theme is ‘Nightmares’ and I was wondering if you’d allow me to reblog this?

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