Memories of you…

grandpa & grandma
Robert and Millie Gordon – 1945

Sky blue eyes
And a soft squishy belly
Kind warm smile
Often watching the telly
Passionately patriotic
And oh so humble
Hardly ever a complaint
Or any kind of grumble
Lover of his country
A soldier he became
Flying the flag high
In every parade
Talented carpenter
Was his dedicated trade
Whistling while he worked
A lovely tune and serenade
Green thumbed man
And lover of nature
His dedication to God
Should have made him a preacher
Skilled kite maker
And master kite flyer
Practically nothing
Could ever go higher
Lifesaver candies
And minty cigarettes
Things he would one day
Very much regret
Was it black coffee
Or earl grey tea
As I contentedly bounced
On his never tiring knee
Crackers and sardines
He shared them well
Convincingly trying
To tell me they were swell
Tums for indigestion
He always had a pack
And even though it pained him
His smile never lacked
Rosy red cheeks
And an almost bald head
Read his Bible every night
Before going off to bed
Sadly enough
It’s now been too long
I can’t even remember
His favorite song
He now rests with grandma
Still whistling his serenades
And his kindhearted demeanor
Will certainly never fade
I miss him immensely
He gave me my love for life
But I’m so very thankful
He’s now free from pain and strife

© 2017 Michelle Cook

*In loving memory of my grandfather who meant the world to me.  


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