Lost within the folds of forever


It all begins again
Every day is exactly the same
An elusive hand reaches out
Gripping her heart
The force is tremendous
And the squeezing is merciless
Her soul struggles
Against the tearing and pulling
The very essence of her life
About to be consumed
Gasping for final breath
She watches time
As it erodes every last promise
Which was ever sworn
Panic suffocates the last glimmer
As that one tiny flicker of hope
Fights to stay lit
Her breathing slows
To a raspy thread
And she has barely survived
One more day
Fast forward to tomorrow
Tomorrow is different
There’s finally relief
Relief in an ending
Permanent darkness envelops
As she becomes a disregarded thought
Another fallen soul
Her last spark forgotten
Fully extinguished
Now lost for all time
Within the folds of forever


© 2017 Michelle Cook

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