Rainbow Wishes


I believe in the possibility of miracles
For I see them everyday
And an abundance of rainbow wishes
Are never very far away

If you look just right
You’ll see what I mean
Just peek through the layers
Of a summer sunbeam

There’s magic right there
Beyond our logical view
A bend in sensible thoughts
And there’s a whole new hue

Beyond our world
And into the next
Often somewhat tricky
But not too terribly complex

Just tilt your head
A little to the right
It’ll alter your perception
And normal rational sight

The wonder is there
A spectacular display
Straight through the clouds
And you’ll find you’re on your way

An array of colors awaits you
Like you’ve never seen before
Those rainbow wishes are waiting
Don’t be afraid to go and explore

© 2017 Michelle Cook

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15 thoughts on “Rainbow Wishes

  1. I enjoyed your post with reference to rainbow wishes. Like you I believe in miracles. Forty-six years ago my second son was born on the 22nd – the same birthday of his older brother who sadly went home to heaven. Yesterday in a conversation with my youngest daughter she told me how hospitals now make reference to stillborns as ‘rainbow’ babies. Imagine!

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