Crispy Cakes and Stomach Aches


Can you picture this?
Here’s the scrumptious scene
The fragrant smell of coffee
With just a hint of vanilla bean

And on the bakery counter
There are crisp funnel cakes
Each smothered in powdered sugar
Causing the mind and soul to wake

Over in the far corner
Golden apple turnovers sputter away
In the happily bubbling fry cooker
Creating a very tempting display

There are glazed donuts and fritters
All overflowing with jam and jelly
A whole room full of delectable sweets
Ready to warm each hungry belly

In the cabinets are rich pastries
And assorted breads piled high
These mouth-watering temptations
Seem to make each onlooker sigh

And once again each person prepares
For overindulgence to eventually win
For everyone knows the stomach aches
Are likely to overtake them in the end

© 2017 Michelle Cook

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