The Good Ol’ Days…


The lot of us spelled trouble
As we romped through the old familiar town
And we’d often play under the bridges
Think one of once nearly drowned

We’d traipse through the pine filled woods
And the forest became our haven
Nobody could scold us there
When we ended up misbehavin

I remember candy being a mere quarter
And ice cream was about the same
And nobody ever questioned our doings
They’d just let us play our games

We created the most amazing contests
The loudest slurps and burps would always win
And nobody ever seemed to care
About all the trouble we’d often get in

Life was just sheer living
There was no need to watch our backs
And none of us ever had to wonder
If our world would soon come under an attack

Everything was simple and easy
No red tape for this or that
And we didn’t have to worry
About anyone stealing our baseball or our bat

I miss those days immensely
Especially the freedom we all once had
It’s a shame things had to change
The thought of it all makes me really sad

© 2017 Michelle Cook

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