Lickety-Split (Part 2)


The very next day
That poor fella was back
Ready to procure
The shoe he did lack
His lengthy thirteen boot
Was quite a hefty size
Actually measuring the same
As his masculine prize
And so sweet little miss
Didn’t dare let him leave
For she had quite another
Titillating trick up her sleeve
But she didn’t get too far
Before her plan started to spoil
A males voice from outside
Bubbled forth in a spewing boil
This time the unpleasant knock
Was closer than before
Rattling the brass handle
Of her private bedroom door
And so she threw open the curtains
Still dressed like a sleazy whore
And the next thing she knew
She was dangling from the second floor

© 2017 Michelle Cook


Dedicated to Michael, at Afterwards, who suggested I write this sequel.  Thanks so much for the idea!  🙂

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