What is it about a dandelion?


She spreads her billowy petticoat
Just wishing for some fun
As her dainty white tufts
Reach for the midday sun

Soft and serene
Her cottony clusters finally do fly
Each ruffle floating along
Towards the infinite wide open sky

Her lacy remnants twirl
On the delicate breezy air
Her dizzying pirouettes
Cause the bees to stop and stare

What is it about her
That makes the world stand still
A graceful little weed
Who can give us such a thrill

© 2017 Michelle Cook

Writing prompt:  What is it about a dandelion?


36 thoughts on “What is it about a dandelion?

            1. If I go to Secretgarden19.wordpress.com in the browser, I can get to you. But if I try to click on this link to your page here in the comments, it says your blog is deleted.


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