Stubborn Truths


His reasons were abrupt and unclear
Rationale she could not discern
So she relinquished him from her heart
While he promised to never return
Months of anguish slipped on by
And the days grew cold and bleak
Both hearts in complete disrepair
Missing a love they vowed never to seek
A tragic story of stubborn truths
Would keep their troubled hearts at bay
Regrets filling their darkened skies
By what neither one would ever say

© 2017 Michelle Cook

Writing prompt: He left never to return


13 thoughts on “Stubborn Truths

    1. This was such a hard prompt… because it wasn’t something I could really relate to. Lol…. But I’ve got a slew of random prompts I’m trying to work through and so this just happened to be the one for today. I wish I had picked a more upbeat one. I’m in a rather good mood and writing this just sort of brought me down. Gonna have to find something whimsical to write about for tomorrow! Lol….

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