Mother Goose had never been so proud


Little Miss Muffet
And Little Boy Blue
Asked the Mad Hatter
What they should do
Jack and Jill
Seemed so darn content
But they kept wondering
Where happiness went
Peter Piper
Chimed right in
Just as Humpty Dumpty
Fell once again
And he said happiness
Could be found on the moon
With the cow, the dog
And the silver spoon
Then Mother Goose
Applauded so very loud
Seemed she’d never been
Quite so proud
They all had a good laugh
And the spider chuckled too
Though poor Little Boy
Still remained quite blue
He ran to his mama
And hugged her real tight
While all of the others
Fled into the night
They went off to look
For sugar and spice
Leaving the woman in the shoe
To give advice
Miss Muffet returned
Once London’s bridge fell
Still not satisfied
She started to yell
So Little Boy placed her
Inside a pumpkin shell
And now he’s doing
Really quite well

© 2017 Michelle Cook

Writing prompt: Mother Goose had never been so proud


22 thoughts on “Mother Goose had never been so proud

    1. Thanks so much. I wrote it this morning during the 10 min. writing prompt time that I do with my girls. Sometimes I post what I’ve written and other times I don’t. The girls insisted that I post this one, and so I told them I would. Lol… 🙂

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