Whimsy Mimsy


Whimsy Mimsy
Was her complete name
A proper fit
For the strange and insane
Her startling look
Was creepy as crud
And she looked as if
She were covered in mud
Most days she kept
All to herself
Her only true friend
A shy house elf
Sometimes her weird
And witchy ways
Frightened people off
For weeks and days
She even flew
A very nasty broom
Which some even said
Smelled just like a tomb
Because of her nature
And filthy guise
She faced the crowds
Who loved to criticize
She really didn’t mind
Looking shabby and unclean
And she frowned upon
The primped and preened
She just didn’t feel the call
To be like anybody else at all
So she stood her ground
Unconcerned by those around
An unpleasant sight
To her seemed just right
Unbothered by the masses
Who worshipped their own asses
She instead decided to refrain
From a look she could never obtain
And she was happier for it because
She wanted to remain who she was

© 2017 Michelle Cook


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