Be somebody’s cheerleader…


Ok, I’m calming down now
That was loads of fun
Only attacked my keyboard
When others would rather use a gun
I guess that’s what got me today
Too much coming into view
It’s all stirring up my voice
Tired of being one of the silent few
So I’m having my say
Sorry if it’s filling up your reader
Please just be kind today
Be somebody’s cheerleader
Go out and make a difference
Even if you don’t feel like it at all
What are you waiting for
Nothing will change if you continue to stall

© 2017 Michelle Cook


8 thoughts on “Be somebody’s cheerleader…

  1. I’m my niece April’s biggest cheerleader (except for her mum of course). At the moment she’s over there in cold England, doing numerous auditions, at the Major Universities to try and gain a position there to finish off her Masters Degree in Opera Singing, such an awesome process for her, I’m so full of admiration for her, xxx

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