Pushed aside
Days like these
My heart just dies

Too many tears
Line my face
Why am I
Such a disgrace

Not even time
Can fix how I feel
Just broken inside
Even still

Shall I give up
Or continue on
Would anyone notice
If I was gone

These are the thoughts
Which enter my mind
A life of happiness
Impossible to find

© 2017 Michelle Cook


8 thoughts on “Unaccepted

  1. I think we all have them, “Days like these my heart dies”, and the emotions are like a tidal wave, and the best thing I find is to WRITE them down and ponder and wonder, haha, and I usually go write some more !!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Ivor… that’s exactly what I did and I’m fine now. I can’t let one bad day affect me forever. And so I’m thinking today,I’ll write something fun. I need to find something to laugh about. That always seems to help.


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