Why must we exist?


Do you ever wish life
Would pass you by
To be rid of the things
Which make you cry

Dragged through the muck
We endure all the stages
Everyone fends for themselves
Nobody engages

Why must we exist
Is there any good at all
People line the walkways
Just to watch others fall

It’s killing me inside
Grief collapsing my lungs
The problem isn’t violence
But the looseness of tongues

The gossip, the backstabbing
The vile things people say
Gotta watch our backs
Or we’ll all surely pay

Tired of the chaos
Lord please just set me free
Take me out of this world
Before the filth consumes me

© 2017 Michelle Cook


18 thoughts on “Why must we exist?

    1. Thanks Joseph, It’s a feeling that ever lingers. I always wonder why I’m here and what my true purpose is. I think we all tend to wish we knew for certain.


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