The Peppercorn Pauper


Peter picked peppercorns
From the pepper trees
Swinging wildly about
He’d often skin up his knees

He may have been a pauper
But he couldn’t be called lazy
Though some people murmured
They thought he was crazy

He was the jovial kind
With a dare devilish flare
Which caused all the maidens
To often stop and stare

But all the old people
They just sat and sighed
And some of them even
Shook their heads and cried

Although Peter was actually
A real humdinger
But most folks there
They just couldn’t see her

Because Peter himself
Was actually a pretty Petunia
The only way to really tell
Was if she decided to moon ya

© 2017 Michelle Cook

Writing prompt: Paupers and Peppercorns


7 thoughts on “The Peppercorn Pauper

    1. I really have no idea myself, and your comment made me laugh so much that my girls were wondering what was so funny. So thank you for that… Lol… 😂 This was one of those ten minute prompts. Although I went back later and added more.
      And now you’ve just seen a glimpse of what I’m like when somebody really gets me upset. I wrote all of those poems so quickly, that I think it was only probably about an hour max that I spent writing, picture hunting, and posting, for all four together. It was the perfect way to get my frustrations out. Although I am really glad my keyboard survived. She took quite a beating. Lol… Hope your week is going well. I’m behind on reading blogs again, but I’ll try to stop by later and see what you’ve been up to. I’ve really got to visit daily, as your blog is the only one that ensures I’ll have a proper laugh. Keep up the great writing my friend. 😉


      1. Thanks m…yeah i watched them land one after the other. Better out than in i day 🙂

        I’ve now done all of your November prompts they will land up to the 29th. They were great fun 🙂

        Its hard to read and write id not beat yourself up over it. Most people do what they can its just impossible to keep up really

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Lol… think you’re right about that. 😉

          I will definitely check them all out and add your links to my list. Have had a lot of people participating this month, which is good to see. 🙂

          And I know what you mean… I actually just finished reading an entire book in one sitting yesterday. Haven’t done that in years! Lol… Wasn’t even the greatest book, but I was determined to finish it. I had to lock myself in the bedroom to do it, and my girls kept knocking on the door, asking me if I was done reading yet. Lol… It just felt good to finally finish something and I needed a good escape into another world for awhile. So glad there’s books for times when we need a break from reality. 😉


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