The Village of Litton

littondale-2313001_960_720 (1)

The Village of Litton
Is an adorable little place
Filled with quaint kind people
With old fashioned taste
The hustle and bustle of the city
Is not very far away
But those who visit Litton
Will find a lovely getaway
Most of the roads through the village
Are not really paved
But people walking along them
Will often stop and wave
There are bright emerald meadows
Dotted with an abundance of trees
And in the heart of the village
People are always happy and pleased
It’s hard to really believe
That a place like this still exists
And the picturesque views
Just can’t be missed
So if you have a chance
I suggest a visit to Litton today
Indulge yourself a little
And let all your cares float away

© 2017 Michelle Cook

*I woke up with the name of this village on my mind.  I’ve never heard of a place called Litton before.  So, I decided to write about what I imagined it might be like, if such a place really did exist.  After writing this poem, I was surprised when I searched Pixabay, and found an actual picture of a place called Litton.  Guess it really must exist!  So enjoy the beautiful picture as well.  Now I only wish I could go there!  Lol… Have a great day everyone.  😉 ~M xo

For the sequel to this, go here… Revisiting the Village of Litton


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