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Your eyes seem so sad
And I wish I was there
To hug you and hold you
And show you I care

But there are so many doubts
About the plans ahead
Seems neither of us knows
What to do instead

I’ve been pulling away from you
And everyone I know
Think it’s mostly because
I never thought you would go

And now I just feel worse
With each passing day
I honestly don’t know
If I should move or stay

Can’t believe we’re spending
More of our years apart
Seems to be breaking
Both of our hearts

I can’t seem to figure out
What I’m supposed to do
I’m feeling so confused
Just haven’t got a clue

So I’m sitting here now
Memorizing your sweet face
And I know for certain
I cannot act in haste

We’ve both got to decide
Before it’s too late
Or else time itself
Will determine our fate

© 2017 Michelle Cook


13 thoughts on “Decisions…

  1. Decision are so hard to make, especially those that include the unknown. I can relate, to some degree, about decisions and the unknown. Yet, sometimes the hardest decision is to wait. Wait for the rest of the directions, since we are only given one step at a time, from our Heavenly Father, so that we have to completely rely on Him, for the next step. He is the light on your path and your husband’s, so just keep waiting, together to see what He has in mind.
    However: I know, I know just hard that is versus just saying it.

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    1. We’re ok Dorinda. Just seems impossible to make any decisions at the moment and it’s frustrating for both of us. Two years is a long time to know you’re gonna be away from someone. 🙁

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        1. Thank you… The time just keeps getting longer after further considerations. Looks like December 13, 2019, will be the day we can finally decide what we’re gonna do. Until then we are in limbo.

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            1. In the back of my mind I always knew, but now reality is setting in. Now that we’re living apart it seems like it’s going to be very difficult to find a way to get back together at the right time. There’s just too many factors all thrown in. I really hate impossible situations. 🙁


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