Revisiting the Village of Litton


So I visited the Village of Litton
For a second time today
And I really have no idea
What I can possibly say

Walking along in the heart of the village
I met a lady who was oh so sweet
Yet as I tried to say goodbye
It was me she tried to eat

Then her boyfriend chased me down
After I must have run for miles
I just never imagined the living dead
Would be so full of counterfeit smiles

I see now what those devilish grins
Were really all about
Seems I was just a tasty meal
That they couldn’t bear to live without

And now I’m sitting here staring
Into the eyes of a hundred zombies
Guess they must really have a thing
For cute American mommies

© 2017 Michelle Cook

*This is a sequel to my previous poem The Village of Litton

Special thanks to Michael over at Afterwards for giving me the idea.


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