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I want to love you like I used to
Before all the lies nearly tore us apart
I want everything that happened
To be different from the very start

People ask me how we’ve managed
And I don’t even know what I can say
And what makes it all even harder
Is now you’ve left and gone away

I wish you never would have told me
All the things which you confessed
Ever since that confusing year
My hearts been such a broken mess

I’m still emotionally tied to another
Someone who has never loved me nor will
But nothing has really changed
I still miss that person even still

So I’m waiting here for the day
When my heart does finally forget
Because to live a life without you
I’m sure I would completely regret

For I know things always seem better
When you don’t know for certain how they are
So I’m doing my best to keep on loving you
Feels like I should after coming this far

© 2017 Michelle Cook





14 thoughts on “Conflicted…

    1. This is how I do it Walt… I purge the negative from my heart so that I can finally let it go. Anytime it begins to well up, I just leave it to flow out of me. It’s like ripping a band-aid off a wound. Gotta do it quick and then leave it behind. But sometimes I get scrapped again and I’ve got to do it all over again. Maybe in time I’ll stop getting hurt as often. I’ve just got to learn to stop tripping over these clumsy feet of mine! Lol…

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