Sowing seeds…


They jumped, they hopped
They scampered about
Those lively little beans
Were just aching to sprout

She could tell they needed her
For a bean cannot grow on its own
It needs a dedicated gardener
To make sure that it’s sown

Kneeling straight down
She could feel the excitement
Though it felt a bit uncomfortable
To pull off her assignment

But she knew they needed planting
And a warm loving touch
So she crept along next to them
Not minding very much

And she planted those tiny seeds
Each bed laden with care
Now it was up to the sun and the rain
To look after them there

© 2017 Michelle Cook

Writing prompt:  Don’t be afraid to catch the jumping beans



14 thoughts on “Sowing seeds…

    1. Thanks and nope, I meant ceiling wax…. the kind to fix cracks in your ceiling. It’s actually based off a children’s book I’m putting together. So although you might normally say sealing wax, which is used to seal things. The kind of wax I’ve chosen, can only be used on ceilings. And I highly doubt it’s an actual kind of wax because I’ve never heard of it myself. Just made it up… hmmm… perhaps I should invent some ceiling wax. Could be a great new product! Lol. Of course this is a prompt and the beauty in that, is that you can write about whatever comes to your mind. So ceiling or sealing, it really doesn’t matter. 😉

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