Where did November go?


Where did all our precious time go
Before the ground was laden with drifts of snow

The days somehow glided right on by
Trailing the geese in the autumn sky

Very much seems a sorrowful sight
As the days turn quickly into blackened night

The cold now brings an uncomfortable shiver
Forcing our hands to unintentionally quiver

The years each continue to echo the ones before
As the leaves still keep gathering against our doors

Such a grievous time during winter’s icy chill
And so very sad with the way it can make us all feel

© 2017 Michelle Cook


12 thoughts on “Where did November go?

    1. Thank you! We haven’t gotten snow yet either, but I foresee the possibility in the very near future. I’m sort of mentally preparing myself for it. Lol… 😉


    1. Thank you… Just seems like the months all fly by so quickly these days and I feel sort of like everything is passing me by before I’ve even had time to enjoy any of it. Such is life I suppose, especially as we get older. 😉 May you have a wonderful Christmas Liana. 💛


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