This journey…


A whirlwind of emotions
On this journey I embark
Determined to figure it all out
In order to leave my lasting mark

This fast paced world of dreams
So different from how I recall
Finding dozens of detours and hurdles
Wondering if it’s even worth it at all

Pursuing this new found path
Isn’t going to be the smoothest sailing
But I feel I’ve got to get going
So tired of always failing

I’ll keep the pace I’ve set
Until I’ve used every last breath I’ve got
Otherwise I really do fear
This journey could be all for naught

© 2017 Michelle Cook



9 thoughts on “This journey…

  1. How about letting go of the “I wish I did” and “too bad I didn’t “… and started being sweet to ourselves…
    We don’t have to have all the answers…

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    1. One can never live with regrets or they will surely fail. That’s why I’m on a journey to “do”. Life will only pass us by if we let it. The key is to always move forward, even if it’s at a snails pace. It’s still better than never moving at all. Lol… 😉

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