The day death came to flirt


The spider giggled
As it scurried across the room
Spying his target
He couldn’t wait to spread gloom

For he knew his bite
Was toxic as hell
And now was his chance
As his subject just fell

She had tripped on the floorboards
And lay there all tattered and dingy
She was a sight for sore eyes
Who appeared quite fidgety

Unaware of the spider
She paid him no attention
Had she noticed him there
She may have suffered apprehension

Making his way unnoticed
Crawling just under her skirt
She never realized that death
Had literally come to flirt

Feeling a slight tickle
On her cold and pale skin
She reacted with curious alarm
And an uneasy upside down grin

The spider then gave her
Quite an unexpected scare
As it crawled right in
Beneath her underwear

And death betrayed her
Once and for all
Right there that day
In that dark dusky hall

And the spider they say
Hasn’t been seen since
Seems he scuttled away
Using her intrigue as his defense

© 2017 Michelle Cook

Writing prompt:  The spider gave her quite a scare, as it crawled into her underwear.


18 thoughts on “The day death came to flirt

    1. Isn’t this just terrible! Lol… this is the product of a 10 min. writing prompt. Thought I’d post it just for the fun of it. Think it’s one of my worst ones yet… lol. 😉


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