Bankruptcy to Broadway


Abandoned on the streets
In a town called Gale
She huddled in a corner
All battered and pale

The present year
A dreary 1932
Without her mama
Nothing she could do

A small girl of five
Outcast and unwell
Forced to live
A somber life of hell

And even back then
People looked the other way
Too ashamed
By the atrocities of the day

Rags to riches
Was only a fanciful dream
Overpowered by a world
Of lies and schemes

If only we could all
Learn from the past
Perhaps we’d all be
Cured at last

© 2018 Michelle Cook

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9 thoughts on “Bankruptcy to Broadway

    1. Thank you… Yeah, I was thinking back to the stories my grandmother told me about the way things were during the depression. There were many people who did help too. My great grandmother had 12 children and still fed the homeless who came to her back door. She had a love for people that shined so bright and came alive through the stories my grandmother shared with me. I suppose I should write a poem about all the good that could be found then too. And even today, there is plenty of it, we just have to sometimes take a closer look.


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