Permanently Petrified


Permanently petrified
Cursed by a witch
Abandoned in the forest
In a dark mossy ditch

Discovered by a boy
Only nine years of age
Who was very unkempt
And smelled like sage

Carefully he lifted
The statue from the gully
And brushed her off
To inspect her fully

Her shoddy appearance
Mimicked his own
And he tried to brush away
The debris from the stone

She looked to be
A girl of five
And stared back at him
As if she were alive

Life size she was
And not easy to shoulder
And to a boy of nine
It was like carrying a large boulder

But he couldn’t leave her
Now that she was found
And so he dragged her home
Through the brush on the ground

And he could almost swear
She’d winked at him
Though it was getting dark
As the forest grew dim

There was something strange
He just couldn’t quite understand
And when he finally got her home
He inspected her hand

She was warm to the touch
And it caused him alarm
For he realized she could be alive
And under a cursed charm

So he sought out a witch
Who lived nearby
Wondering if she could tell him
What had happened and why

But the witch only cackled
And grabbed him by the hair
Laughing at the young boy
For being so unaware

Then she began to turn him to stone
Just like the girl
And the dust and smoke
Began to whoosh and whirl

But happening by
At that very same time
A keen woodcutter caught sight
Of the heinous crime

And he marched right in
And strangled the witch
And that was the end
Of the dastardly old bitch

Then the children awoke
From their ivory cast slumbers
Eyes wild and amazed
Both so full of wonder

And they thanked the woodcutter
For the kindness he showed
And for the incredible courage
Which he bestowed

And now the children
Are both safe and sound
Free from the evil
Which did abound

And the woodcutter too
Ended up with a wonderful life
As he fell in love with the boy’s mother
And made her his wife

And so now they’re all
Living happy as can be
Underneath the enchantment
Of the forest’s great canopy

And who would have ever known
That tragedy could be bliss
Sometimes it simply takes a curse
For a miracle not to be missed

© 2018 Michelle Cook

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13 thoughts on “Permanently Petrified

    1. Thank you Walt… I decided it was about time for me to bring about a positive outcome. Don’t get too excited though, cause you know me. Tomorrow it could be a tragic love story. Lol… 😉

      Liked by 1 person

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