Poor you…


So you say you’ve got the flu
Whatever will you do?

Poor you, sick in that squishy bed
Pulling the covers up over your head

Oh the wonderful pain of being ill
I bet the vomiting’s an immense thrill

You must be feeling so knackered and numb
All the way from your head down to your bum

And the chills, those must feel real nice
A bit like bathing in a pool of ice

What a great way to spend your week
Nourishment and rest you really must seek

Now please go and sleep for a good long spell
It’s the only thing that’ll likely make you well

And when you’re finally on the mend
They’ll be loads of adventures for us to begin

And if you need me in the in-between
Don’t worry I won’t be mean

In fact, I’ll bring you some homemade soup
And even clean up all your vomit and poop

Just as long as you promise to finally get well
I’ll put up with your terrible smell

Now go get in bed as I said before
Or you may just drop to the floor

And remember I’m here if you want to call
That’s what friends are for, after all

© 2018 Michelle Cook

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