Once Upon a Princess


Once upon a princess?
What about… Once upon a frog?
Or what about, Once upon a day
just walking my dog?

Ok, I realize those are a bit boring.
So what else should we do?
I’ll leave the beginning of the story
completely up to you.

I haven’t heard a reply.
Are you still there?
Hello? Hello?

Ok, so I suppose you’re waiting for me,
and trust me, that isn’t very wise
because most of my stories
only end when someone dies.

What?? You say that’s ok?
And you don’t mind me rambling on?
Ok then, let’s go…
Moving this story right along…

Once upon a time
in a distant far off land,
she fell in love
with a man named Peter Pan…

Too sappy??
See I told you…
But you insisted I begin.
So don’t get mad at me,
let’s just start again.

How about this…
Once upon a time
in a land made of cheese,
all the mice grew fat
and crawled around on their knees.

What do you think?
Too cheesy for you?
Guess I’d better leave this story
for someone else to do.

© 2018 Michelle Cook

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8 thoughts on “Once Upon a Princess

    1. Thank you… Random, scattered thoughts… a jumbled mess from my tired brain. This is what happens when I stay up too late and can’t think clearly. Lol…


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