Madame Bovary’s Brilliant Band of Beauties


Madame Bovary’s
Brilliant band of beauties
All eventually grew up
To be narcissistic cuties

None of their lovers
Seemed to really mind
As they lay there each day
So cozily entwined

Yet over the years
Those selfish desires grew
Each man became broken
And all finally knew

The ladies they married
Weren’t worth all the trouble
So they raced away
Seeking divorces on the double

Then the truth of alimony
Hit each one in the chest
All of them now
Live hopelessly oppressed

And the moral of this story
Is to be careful what you do
A beauteous face mightn’t end up
Being the prettiest view

© 2018 Michelle Cook

Writing prompt: Madame Bovary’s Brilliant Band of Beauties


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