Time before Time


Many years ago
In the pages long before time
There was nothing and nobody
Except for the great divine
And he had a thought one day
A lonesome tear-filled one
He knew he needed companionship
And so his dream begun
And he began creating the universe
And all the many creatures within
So many layers he started to imagine
He hardly knew most days where to begin
But he started with some dust
Which was embedded into the soles of his feet
And he formed us all into peculiar shapes
That he thought were really neat
And just like an imaginative child
He brought us all to life
Carving us with his own two hands
Like a whittler with a knife
And he’s so very fond
Of all the things he’s now made
And that is why his love for us
Endures and never fades

© 2018 Michelle Cook

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18 thoughts on “Time before Time

    1. Thanks Walt… I think this is my most favorite poem I’ve ever written. I just get this really amazing feeling that washes over me anytime I write anything about God. I love that… 🙂

      Liked by 2 people

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